How to pick the right chair.

Crazy Creek Chair

HEX 2.0 LongBack Chair

You must ask yourself that simple question. How am I going to be using the chair most often?

I can think of several instances that I would not be without my chair. My favorite place to use a chair is in the backcountry on an extended camping trip deep in the mountains. Is that realistic? If I am lucky, I do manage to get a couple of good length backcountry trips in during the summer, but the way I most use my chair must be my daughter’s sporting events, concerts and school programs. I find that the chair resides in the trunk of my car, ready at a moments notice for that unexpected event when I will be the envy of the other people who forgot to bring their chair. I love my HEX 2.0 LongBack chair. I can roll it up and keep it in the trunk, it provides the back support I desire on those awful bleachers and it is ideal when I do manage to find myself hiking into that backcountry lake for a luxurious break from the rigors of day-to-day life.

When you decide it is time for a new chair, ask yourself that simple question.

I know that Crazy Creek has the right chair for you.

Tailgate Products

director chair

Leisure Chair

We are very excited to be expanding our line of tailgate products. We have our Leisure Chair that has been a strong seller for many years at Crazy Creek. With a director style sturdy seat and convenient pop up side table, how could you go wrong? It is always the first chair to be grabbed at our family barbecues!

Camp Table by Crazy Creek

Crazy Legs Roll Up Table

The Crazy Legs Roll-Up Aluminum Table has adjustable legs to suit a variety of needs. It can be level on uneven terrain. It can be taller to use while standing and cooking or it can be lowered when seated. We love the chain link table top construction for durability and ease of assembly. This table is a must have for camping, rafting or just in the back yard. It stores compactly in its own carry case.

Soft Cooler by Crazy Creek

Crazy Cooler 10L

The two soft Crazy Coolers are a must have for everyday use. Two sizes to meet all your needs, insulated, waterproof liner and soft sided for compact storage, perfect for whatever your cooler needs are. The smaller size (10L) is just right for a six-pack of cans or lunch on the go while the larger size (30L) is great for the weekend on the go.

Quad Chair

Quad Chair HD

The Quad Chair HD is heavy-duty. Not your typical disposable quad chair. Built of steel and polyester this chair will hold up season after season. Stores away neatly in its own carry bag. Ideal for tailgating, camping, the soccer game or the backyard.

Quad Beach Chair

Quad Beach Chair

Last but not least is the Quad Beach Chair.This chair is a must have for concerts, the beach, festivals anywhere you might want to sit off the ground, low and comfy.Built of steel and polyester this chair will last year after year. It also comes in a handy carry bag to throw over your shoulder and go!

Whether you are heading to the game, going camping or just having a barbecue in the backyard, Crazy Creek has got you covered for all your outdoor needs.